What We Do

Smith Pools is a fast-growing provider of all things swimming pools. Our Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Jupiter pool contractors are licensed to provide swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs and remodeling services throughout the state of Florida. 

We serve both residential and commerical customers, including: HOAs, condominium associations, and facility/property managers. 

Smith Pools utilizes technology that allows our pool contractors to send weekly service reports after servicing pools. We also provide a customer portal, which further enhances communication, self-service, and the customer experience. 

Our focus on customers is built upon the recognition that without customers, our business does not exist.  As such, we have built a culture that is dedicated to the highest standards of service.

While we maintain a focus on customers, we also understand and appreciate it is our people that are on the front lines servicing customers. We value all of our Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Jupiter pool contractors immensely and strive to empower and develop them to achieve their professional, as well as personal goals. We believe all of our people represent the future leadership of our company.

Pool Resurfacing West Palm Beach

We believe we are a successful full service pool company because of the important tenets below that differentiate us: 

  • Operate with integrity – the business is run with the highest level of honesty and integrity. We believe in putting customers above all else. Without customers, we have no business. This affords us a level of unparalleled customer trust.
  • High-quality services – We have one of the strongest teams in the history of the company. This affords us consistent service delivery, coupled with detailed individual customer knowledge. Our people are personable and always clean and neat in appearance. Whether you need a simple cleaning our if you want to install an automation system in your West Palm Beach pool, our contractors can get the job done!
  • Communication Obsession – Communication drives our business.  We are in constant communication with our customers via our mobile app technology, customer portal, email, and telephone. In addition, we endeavor to ensure everyone on our team in our customer chain is aware of what is happening – from the pool tech to office managers to field operations. 
  • Humility – We do not know it all and seek to learn from every situation.  Without humility, including intellectual humility, we are unable to learn.  Our goal is to find what we can do together to solve problems.
  • Leadership – We fully understand that with great power comes great responsibility. We have meaningful experience leading people and organizations by example. We expect our people to all lead in some capacity.