Pool Repairs

Pools can be challenging to repair, which is why it’s beneficial to seek expert help from a commercial pool company, serving West Palm Beach country clubs and businesses. At Smith Pools, we work closely with our clients to make ensure their pools remain in top condition. We seek to hire only the best pool technicians within our industry, and ensure they are fully qualified to not only answer any question asked, but also to perform thorough and timely repair processes, and as a result, to make sure your pool is always in operation. Our technicians are capable of walking you through every step of the repair process, and we promptly provide you price quotes of what it will cost to repair your pool or spa. We offer high quality pool repairs, and use only the most appropriate equipment to make sure your pool remains optimal. 

Our West Palm Beach commercial pool technicians have experience performing all types of pool repairs, including replacing pumps and safety motors as well as installing the latest web-enabled automation systems. All of our repair services are top-notch and most can be customizable according to your needs. We also are experts in heater installations and maintenance. We perform the manufacturers periodic maintenance and can provide the necessary plumbing configuration to bypass your heater or place it in lay-up when it is not in use. These types of services exemplify how our technicians are available to help you solve problems in an effective and expedient way. Our core product includes chemical testing for commercial pools, as well as pool cleaning and routine maintenance. These commercial pool company services help you preserve your pool as well as save you money in the long run. Our number one priority is assisting in any way we can, and we’ll be sure to do so in working one-on-one with you.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our technician services or wish to make an appointment, contact our West Palm Beach commercial pool company today!