We take a very customized approach to our pool remodeling services. Below are the primary areas of a remodel in which we assist our customers as they consider their project. We are available to answer any questions during the decision-making process.

Below is a list of manufacturers of pool finishes / plasters. All use a combination of aggregate and Portland Cement as basic materials. We are generally manufacturer agnostic. Accordingly, if our West Palm Beach pool remodeling customers have a specific preference we are happy to provide their choice.

Each manufacturer provides a few different product choices at various price tiers. The most popular and lowest cost is a standard finish which is a single blue. There is also Double Sky Blue or Super Blue which is a little bluer and is priced nearly 15% more expensively than a standard finish. There is a third tier of finishes which are priced at a 30% premium over a standard color. Lastly, the premium tier is nearly 50% more expensive. The most popular premium color is a darker blue.

A couple of important items to note:

  • Darker colors are more difficult to apply evenly which may lead to some light / white striations. These are normal parts of the finish.
  • The prep work (preparation of the surface prior to plastering) is based upon the expected condition from a visual inspection of the existing pool surface as well as the expected condition of concrete (gunite) under the pool surface. Should unforeseen conditions arise, we will inform you immediately and provide a price quote for any additional work that must be performed. We will obtain your approval prior to continuing with preparation work.

Regarding tile options, our tile supplier is National Pool Tile, which is one of the largest in the U.S. Customers can visit their website or a showroom at the addresses available online. We will also provide customers with a tile catalog. Contact our pool tile replacement team in West Palm Beach for a consultation today!

Important Note: Tile prices vary widely. Basic tile may be priced in the high single digits per sq. ft. This compares to some boutique special order glass tiles that are priced at 8x to 10x per sq. ft. or more. Additionally, some paper-faced or plastic-faced tiles are up to 70% more expensive to install than mesh-faced tiles due to the more laborious installation process. Tile choices can have a material impact on the overall cost of the project. We can inform you of the price and installation costs of the tile you select.

Below is a link to the website of our handrail manufacturer. Standard handrails are priced starting at about $1,000 installed. A majority of the cost of a handrail is labor as deck-to-deck handrails are very labor intensive to install.

Visit SR Smith's website.


The link below provides a brochure from Pentair, which is one of the largest manufactures. You will note that each wallspring accent feature is available in any of seven finishes: gray, natural, white, brass, copper, pewter or bronze. You can visit their website.

You may also visit Black Oak Foundry.

**Important Note: We may need to step up or step down the size of your water feature piping in order to install a new water feature which may be designed for a different sized pipe.