Country Club Residents

Our core business is focused around servicing residents of country clubs. Approximately 85% of our customers reside in country clubs in the West Palm Beach area. We have been doing business in these unique membership clubs for over 20 years. Needless to say, we understand our customers well and appreciate the fact that they pay significant membership fees to enjoy golf, recreation and social activities. Consequently, they have no desire to have concerns about their pools and spas. Let our West Palm Beach country club pool service experts take care of you!

We are uniquely qualified to place our customers at ease through our high-quality service and use of technology. We are consistently and constantly in communications with our country club pool customers about all of the repairs and services they requested. This is especially important for our seasonal customers who entrust us with their pools as they travel to their summer home, travel abroad or are otherwise away from their homes. We send weekly country club pool service reports which include:

  • Time-stamped photographs of the pool
  • Chemical readings
  • Tasks completed
  • Notes about the pool
  • Chemicals added

Prior to each customer’s first service, they receive a welcome email, which describes our customer portal and services technology. As part of our continuing efforts to improve communications, responsiveness, and overall service quality, customers can:

  • View photos we take of the pool
  • Review paid and unpaid invoices
  • Pay invoices online with a credit card at no cost
  • Set up automatic bill payment
  • Request repair and other services
  • Send and receive messages to/from us
  • Update account information

Many of our West Palm Beach country club pool service customers utilize the service of a home watch. We frequently work closely with these professionals to ensure any pool related issues are addressed seamlessly. We also provide flexibility with our service. Many customers will request a change to their service for special events or when family visits. Another feature our seasonal residents appreciate is our quarterly invoicing, so our customers only pay four times a year rather than 12 times for monthly invoicing. 

If you are a West Palm Beach country club resident and need repair or service done on your pool, please call or email us today.