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About Smith Pools

We specialize in serving residential customers in country clubs as well as commercial customers. Our West Palm Beach pool maintenance customers, particularly seasonal residents, appreciate receiving weekly reports and pictures of their pools. We give them peace of mind, knowing that we are there every week and they have pictures to prove it. We focus on high-quality pool repair, resurfacing, and maintenance services that center around keeping our customers informed. Information is not only disseminated through weekly service notifications, but also through our customer portal. We are licensed throughout the state of Florida to provide pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and remodels, and we have significant experience doing so.  We only sell the best equipment from leading manufacturers and provide expert installation and turn-key solutions. Some examples of our recent work include:

  • Drained, cleaned, and balanced water chemistry for a new customer’s pool, which was neglected for months after the home was sold
  • Installed pool and spa automation system that provides complete control of pool systems from any location via the mobile application, including smartphone, tablet or computer.  
  • Installed a salt system and cupronickel gas heater, which are designed for the harsher corrosion of salt pool
  • Performed complete pool remodel which transformed pool from 1990s look and feel to current day, including installation of water bowls
  • Installed artisan style deck-to-pool as well as deck-to-deck handrails

Whether you are a property manager for a commercial pool or a country club resident, we can help you solve problems or otherwise address your needs with our high-quality pool maintenance service in West Palm Beach. 


West Palm Beach Country Club Residential Pool

If you are a member of a country club seeking to ensure your pool is expertly cleaned and well maintained, you are in the right place. You no longer need to wonder whether your pool was cleaned and what is its appearance. Our weekly pool maintenance service notification will include key information about what was done to your pool, what is the current water chemistry, what chemicals were added, if you need to know anything specific (e.g., call about a repair) and we provide photos of your pool. You can also trust our West Palm Beach team with any pool maintenance, repairs, resurfacing, and remodels.


Pool Service Boca Raton

If you are a homeowner or commercial pool manager seeking to repair or remodel your pool, we would love to speak with you. We have decades of cumulative experience repairing and installing pool equipment and we are licensed throughout the state of Florida. Our pool repair services include acid washes, blowers, automation, handrails, heaters (gas and heat pumps), leaks, lights (LEDs and incandescent), motors, pipes (PVC) pumps, salt systems, and valves. Regarding our remodel services, we take a hands-on approach. Each of our remodels is highly customized. We will provide you with information about various surface alternatives, tile selection, water features, and other upgrades. We will visit the tile showroom with you to assist in the selection process. Contact our West Palm Beach office to schedule pool maintenance, repair, resurfacing, or remodeling consultation. 


Pool Services Jupiter

If you are a property, facility manager, or a manager of a Home Owners Association or Condominium Association, we would love to speak with you about our commercial services. We provide high quality service with a focus on keeping you informed of what is the condition of your pool and what actions we are taking to ensure it is clean and sanitary. We provide reports and photographs during each visit so you know exactly what’s going on. We can also perform any repair or remodel services and only use the best equipment and materials.

"Thank you, as always, Andre for your prompt and thoughtful response! We will follow Smith Pools."

E Kaplan

Thank you, as always, Andre for your prompt and thoughtful response! We will follow Smith Pools.... <

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We think you are the best!... <

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Todd is the person you'll hear from and Bryan is the amazing young man who attends... <

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