Commercial Services

Our West Palm Beach commercial pool contractors are licensed to provide all repair and remodel services for commercial pools throughout the state of Florida. Our weekly maintenance service consists of:

  • Netting the surface of the pool
  • Cleaning pool cleaner (vacuum) canister if installed
  • Cleaning the skimmer basket
  • Vacuuming pool as often as necessary
  • Brushing the pool
  • Testing water chemistry and treating appropriately
  • Inspecting pool equipment
  • Maintaining pool coping, tile, and grout lines
  • Cleaning pool filter every four to six weeks and replacing it annually

West Palm Beach Commercial Pool Cleaning

Our pool contractors will maintain the pool within the Florida state and county required code for commercial in-ground swimming pools, including all filtration, chemical, and usage requirements. 

Our software is designed with property managers in mind. We can assign multiple pools to property manager accounts. Additionally, we can provide a separate invoice for each pool or a single summary invoice. 

We currently service a number of Home Owner Associations (HOA), Condominium Associations, and property managers to provide pool cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and remodels. 

For each pool and spa, we send weekly commercial pool service reports which include:

  • Time-stamped photographs of the pool
  • Chemical readings
  • Tasks completed
  • Notes about the pool
  • Chemicals added

Recently, we had a facilities manager state the following after receiving our report “Thank you for the update and the attention to detail. I never heard of a pool company doing this and I will share with other facilities that are looking for a better pool company.”

We understand that pool safety and sanitation is the number one priority of our West Palm Beach commercial pool repair customers. Accordingly, we will service and treat all commercial pools as though they are public pools even when not required by law. If you are a HOA board member, Condominium Association member, or property/facility manager, please let us show you how our high quality service and technology can make your life easier.